Irish Association Golfers


The Charity – A Brief History


In 1981, on the occasion of the Silver Anniversary of the Chorlton Irish Club, Joe Kennedy and Peter Molloy, two staunch members of the Irish Club decided to form an alliance in order to raise funds for good causes and charities. After much discussion it was decided to arrange the “Kennedy / Molloy” charity golf day which was fashioned under the auspices of “Irish Association Golfers” (IAG).

In the first few years after the formation of the event and especially with Joe’s generosity more than £3,000 was raised on the day and gradually this was increased year upon year until they reached the milestone of £10,000 per annum. It is estimated that over the first fifteen year period more than £94,000 had been raised for charity, a superb effort by all involved.
2000 -2005

At the turn of the Millennium Peter decided to stand down from the charity golf day and Joe persuaded Pat McGuiness to fill the vacated slot. Pat brought his own vigour and style to the social gathering and fund raising. The following five years produced around a further £50,000 until Joe, who at that point had dedicated more than twenty years to the event, decided it was time for him to withdraw from the front line and hand over responsibility.

2005 -2011

A big personality was required to step into Joe’s shoes, so when Jim McGoff (RIP), a great personal friend of Pat, obliged and the McGuinness/McGoff “Am Am” was born. With great energy and drive their partnership spearheaded the raising of a further £60,000 up until Jim’s untimely death in 2011 which devastated all who knew him. The 2011 event was cancelled as a mark of respect and a period of reflection took place until eventually Joe again intervened and invited members of the Irish Association Golfers to take up the mantle and carry on the great fundraising work. The Present committee consisting of Sean Goodwin, John Maloney, Larry McDonald and Martin Quinn.

2012 – 2016

A new era began with a bang with the fantastic support of our sponsors, supporters and guests. The past 5 years IAG Charity Days have raised in excess of £161,000 bringing the total raised to date from the Golf day to approximately £365,000. The new structure of the IAG Charity day is now well established and with the help of all our members and supporters we look forward to continuing the fantastic tradition that has been built over the past 3 decades.